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Search by ASIC number

There are five versions of the Search by ASIC number method. All versions are accessible using SOAP or Http get/post protocols. The Search by ASIC methods are:

  1. SearchByASICv201408 - latest
  1. SearchByASICv201205
  1. SearchByASICv200709
  1. SearchByASICv200506
  1. ABRSearchByASIC

The table below describes the *Search by ASIC( request.

Description of Search by ASIC request

Search StringACN to search for
Include Historical DetailsValid values are "Y", "N". Use "Y" to include historical information in the response
Authentication GUIDThe GUID provided when you registered for access to the web services

The table below describes the validation rules for the Search by ASIC request.

Validation rules for Search by ASIC request

ElementCommentsException Text
Search StringInvalid identifierSearch string does not match search type: ASIC
Search StringACN not foundNo records found
Include Historical DetailsInvalid valueThe Include History flag must be "Y" or "N"
Authentication GUIDGUID not foundThe Authentication GUID is invalid

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