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Change control

The ABN Lookup web services allow you to incorporate ABN information and search capabilities into your own applications.

Over time, the information recorded about an ABN may change due to amendments to the underlying legislation. To ensure existing ABN Lookup web service users are not adversely affected, changes to the structure of the information returned may be implemented through new web service methods

For example, in July 2005 new legislation was introduced that effected the information recorded about tax concessions. We implemented new methods for searching by ABN and ACN which extended the information returned to include tax concession information where it existed. The schema was updated to reflect these changes without invalidating the information already being returned through existing web service methods. Likewise in September 2007 we implemented a new method which extended the information returned to include superannuation funds information where it exists. Then in May 2012 a new method was released that extended the information returned to include registered business names.

If you are integrating the web services for the first time or upgrading your existing applications, we recommend that you use the latest web service method (eg: [Search by ABN](Search by ABN), [Search by ASIC number](Search by ASIC number), [Search by Name](Search by Name), [Search with Filters](Search with Filters)) available.

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