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Current Service Status

Current Service Status

Current services status is available at this URL

Here is an example output:

	"preview": false,
	"init_offset": 0,
	"messages": [],
	"fields": ["Service_Name", "Status", "time"],
	"rows": [
		["SuperMATCH2", "Operational", "1486610400"],
		["SuperTICK1", "Operational", "1486610400"],
		["SuperTICK2", "Operational", "1486610400"],
		["SuperTICK3", "Operational", "1486610400"]


Here are the response fields, and what they mean:

service_nameSpecifies the services for which status is available
  • SuperTick1
  • SuperTick2
  • SuperTick3
  • SuperMatch2
statusSpecifies the current status of the serviceOperational
timeThe current epoch time for the service's status1482105720

No Status

When there are no statuses available, the response will look like this:

	"preview": false,
	"init_offset": 0,
	"post_process_count": 0,
	"messages": [],
	"fields": [],
	"rows": []

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