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Financial Insolvency

Name Match Method Given

Status: Standard

The method used to match a person''s given name when performing a search. This method changes how precise the search results are.
Date of birth to this date. A range with a maximum span of 10 years is allowed. If the exact birth date is known set the same date in both DateOfBirthFrom and DateofBirthTo. All records within the date range (and if IncludeNoDOBIndicator is True, all records without a date of birth that match other search criteria) will be returned.
Cannot be in the future
If DateOfBirthFrom is supplied then DateOfBirthTo must be supplied
DateOfBirthTo cannot be before the DateOfBirthFrom
DateOfBirthTo cannot be more than 10 years from DateOfBirthFrom
Unique identifier
Used by
Australian Financial Security Authority
API url