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Definitions from Core Entity

79 definitions

Name Definition Type Status
ChangeEvent A Change Events is an event that has a significant impact on an organisation resulting in organisational change. Standard
ChangeEventType The type of the change event. Code Standard
ChangeEventDescription A description of the Change Event. Text Standard
ChangeEventOriginalOrganisation Identifies the subject of the change event. Legal Entity Standard
ChangeEventResultingOrganisation Identifies the resulting organisation of the change event. Legal Entity Standard
ChangeEventPeriod The period of time over which the change took place. Period Of Time Standard
Geometry A geometry representing a location. Standard
GeometryCRS The Coordinate Reference System (CRS) used to encode the coordinates. Identifier Standard
GeometryType The type of the geometry. Code Standard
Jurisdiction A jurisdiction, typically a country, dealing with and making pronouncements on legal matters. Standard
JurisdictionName The name of the jurisdiction. Text Standard
JurisdictionIdentifier The URI for the jurisdiction. URI Standard
LegalEntity A business that is legally registered. extends Agent Standard
LegalEntityLegalIdentifier The identifier given to the legal entity by the authority with which it is registered. Identifier Standard
LegalEntityIdentifier A formally-issued identifier for the legal entity, other than the one that confers legal status upon it. Identifier Standard
LegalEntityLegalName The legal name of the business. Text Standard
LegalEntityAlternativeName A recognized name other than the legal name. Text Standard
LegalEntityCompanyType The type of the business. Code Standard
LegalEntityCompanyStatus The status of the business. Code Standard
LegalEntityCompanyActivity The activity of the business. Code Standard
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