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Definitions from Core Entity

79 definitions

Name Definition Type Status
MembershipSubject The business the agent has an association with. Legal Entity Standard
MembershipPeriod The period of time an agent held this association. Period Of Time Standard
SubEntityContactPoint A contact point for the organisation unit. Contact Point Standard
GeometryCoordinates The ordered list of coordinates of the geometry. String Standard
MembershipRole The type of association held by the agent to the business. Code Standard
Address An address representing a location. Standard
AddressFullAddress The complete address with or without formatting. Text Standard
AddressType The purpose of the address with regards to the associated agent. Code Standard
AddressPOBox The Post Office Box number. Text Standard
AddressThoroughfare The name of a passage or way through from one location to another. Text Standard
AddressLocatorDesignator A number or a sequence of characters that uniquely identifies the locator within the relevant scope. Text Standard
AddressLocatorName A proper noun applied to the real world entity identified by the address. Text Standard
AddressAddressArea The name of a geographic area or locality that groups a number of addressable objects for addressing purposes, without being an administrative unit. Text Standard
AddressAdminUnitL2 The region of the address, usually a county, state or other such area that typically encompasses several localities. Text Standard
AddressAdminUnitL1 The uppermost administrative unit for the address, almost always a country. Text Standard
AddressPostCode The post code, a.k.a. postal code, ZIP code, etc. String Standard
AddressAddressID A globally unique identifier for this instance of the address. String Standard
Agent An entity that is able to carry out actions. Standard
AgentMembership A membership based on defined interests regarding a business the agent is a member. Membership Standard
Membership An entity that is able to carry out actions. Standard
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